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About Us

Who we are…

Gold Bay App is a Technology company based in San Francisco, California. Founded in the summer of 2013, our focus is on mobile device development, and our team is composed of thirty-plus people dedicated twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. We are engineers, designers, consultants, investors, musicians, business specialists, and business owners; some members of our team came from the restaurant industry, beauty salons, and we even have a Pastor in our team. Simply, we are just the face of San Francisco. You maybe be asking yourself: How come a Tech Company has all those kinds of people? The decision to have a very diverse staff was to bring to our table a lot of experience and years of work, and we are ready to share with you.


What we do…

We have created a mobile device platform with the highest technology that is available; it will help your business to be ahead of others, it will help your church to keep in touch with your members, it will help your school to engage with your students, it will help your band to promote your music. We will create a mobile application that will be available on Apple Store and Google Play, within four to six weeks. You will be able to notify your costumers and keep them informed about everything you do, offer them a deal. For example, if you are a church, imagine that you are sending to all the members a message on your App about a prayer request or other church activities; if you are a band, imagine you are sending your fans a new song or a new video, even better, you could sell your music, books or gifts on this app. Just send us your info; we would like the opportunity to explain it better for you and tell you how you can make this a profitable source for your business.

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1 (415)370-6967

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359  11th Ave # 3

San Francisco CA 94118

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